(I’m pretty sure) The process of buying and moving in is over and that makes me want to do things to it.

add some sort of water filter to the kitchen sink. Any recommendations on what to do?

Yesterday it was 95 out. The house was hot but the basement was cool. It has a forced hot air system. I was wondering what it would take to blow the cold air from the basement up through the ducts to cool of the house. The basement is somewhat damp so I’m guess I’d need an air filter or something.

I have a full basement finally. I thought I could set my shop vac up to the dust collector on my miter saw and work in the basement but I was wrong. I need more outlets down there, right now there is only 1 quad box.


put sump pump in the basement to keep it dry

put up a key rack so we stop losing our car keys

take up carpet at entry and tile it. It would meet up to the kitchen, i don’t want to tile the whole kitchen but I think it may look odd having two tiles next to each other but that carpets gunna get nasty real quick with 3 kids and a winter.


New faucet for the kitchen sink

Remove wallpaper from dining room and kitchen and paint it. Maybe take down the half wall between the two.


Take down the wall paper over the shower and tile it. (really take down the wall paper that is on every single f’in wall but that will get done over time)

cut off the bottom of the deck posts and add blocks ot keep them out of the dirt.


remove some plants and replace with grass. there is just far too much for me to keep up with.

get a cheap ride-on mower

get a cheap F-150 or Ranger for dump runs and snow days.

take down baring wall

add a second floor over the family room

add a 2 car garage