As of three days ago, I own two (2) combustion powered vehicles with 4 wheels. Yes, thats right, a whopping two cars for one person. Crazy.

Now that that's sunk in let me tell you what I'll be driving under the following circumstances:

a) It's raining

b) I'm in a rush

c) My Alfa is being a proper Alfa and not running

d) I need to haul more than one other person around with me

It was built in 1987, comes form Japan, does NOT have a rotary (though now that I wrote "rotary" I feel obligated to inform you that I want a NSU Spider with Webbers and Straight Pipes. Because Fire), has four doors, three pedals, and is in no way loosely related to a Miata.

It's a Mazda 626!

What you see there is a beautiful 1980's sedan with a and one headlight that thinks its a reservoir. It's reliable (read: starts every time with no fuss and no mandatory warm up time), seats five - kind of, and has three pedals and a large wiggly stick thingy between the front seats. Plus I got it for under a grand. Now I just have to see how much it will cost me to register and insure.