When I sold my Galant VR-4 back in June I sold it to a co-worker. I knew who had it, where it was. I saw it occasionally, even after the owner quit being a co-worker. However he sold the car. To some random person that lives way the heck down in Fon Du Lac.

The point is even tho the car wasn’t mine anymore, selling it locally to some one I knew meant it didn’t feel GONE. Now tho I feel like I’ve really lost it. It’s gone and I can never have it back. So in an attempt to keep track of this car I made this poston galantvr-4.org. (Creative name)

Thankfully there’s really only on GVR-4 forum out there do the new owner may well see it and get in touch. I genuinely hope they do, because I’d like to think that in the future I’ll at least have the option to buy this car back.


Plus I really want to show the new owner this video