This is a two parter, too. Like I did one stupid thing and then doubled down by doing a stupid thing because of the first stupid thing. The first stupid thing is that I sold my Land Cruiser.

I enjoyed my time with the Cruiser a lot, but I’m getting a new job soon with more highway driving and it’s impractical. Plus my wife has an Escalade for ‘truck stuff’, so we didn’t need two big SUVs.

I sold it to a gentleman from Maine, and I’m delivering it to him next Saturday. I didn’t get my full ask for it, but I did okay and made right around $2000 on it.

Stupid thing the second is that, well, I mean I bought this:


Yeah, that’s what I did. I went from a vehicle renowned the world over for its reliability to a vehicle renowned the world over for...not that.

It’s a 2004 Audi S4, 4.2L v8, 6M. The last Audi I had was a 2001 allroad 2.7T 6M, so this should actually be an improvement in reliability. The outside of it is in meh condition, the interior is very good, and the engine is NUTS. I’m aware of their known timing chain issue, but this one seems to have been well maintained and I’ve heard if you stay on top of oil changes they’re generally okay.


Anyway, that’s the dumb thing I did, but at least it’s a fun thing I did, so that’s something.