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I Am an Absolute God Damn Idiot

Maybe a week ago, somebody on Jalopnik or here asked what our greatest automotive blunder was, and mine was about spending way too much money on a 1990 Daytona Shelby. So needless to say I’ve been looking at 80s-90s turbo Dodges ever since.

I found this really pretty good looking 87 Shelby Charger for sale nearby for $600. It doesn’t run, but man is that body in good shape, and 2.2s are dead simple. This is a 5 speed 146hp non-intercooled car...easy enough to swap a Turbo 2 engine in.


I asked for pictures of the interior, I'll be interested to see if it's as clean as the outside. But for $400-500, I wouldn't mind putting it out behind my house for a few months until I get to it.

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