The C4's master slave cylinder was leaking past the rod and into the car. Fine no big deal I will replace the master cylinder.

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Replaced and I have spent 2 hours trying to bleed this fucking system. I am 90% sure zero fluid is traveling through the system. I really fucking hate this car. I even took the master out and pushed by hand to see if it would push fluid through and it does. I had to take the slave off to even get to the bleed screw but it’s still attached to the line... it should bleed especially with the vacuum bleeder that seems to have only pulled fluid out of the slave and not through the system.

I then reinstalled the slave and had a friend come and do the pumps while I opened and shut the bleed screw.... Still have seen no fluid leave the master reservoir. There is some darkness bleeding into the master from the line so I figured something was working. And of course my cheap pressure bleeder broke too.


Do you think the master I bought is bunk?

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