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I am at a motorcycle rally, AMA

Update 6: FINALLY saw something worth seeing. The first and only cafe racer style bike I’ve ever seen at this rally (I’ve been to it the past few years). A 1986 BMW R65 in grey with red and black striping and red wheels. Dude riding it was super nice, too. We spent about half an hour talking bikes.

And I wouldn’t have seen it at all if I hadn’t needed to come into town to cover another story. I saw the dude ride past while I was on my way somewhere else, so decided to see if I could find him again at the rally venue about an hour later. Turns out he was one of the first bikes I saw in the parking lot.


From yesterday:


Update 5: So I stayed for the lira hoop aerial performance teaser. But I won’t be staying for the main show later tonight. Sorry for the photo of a photo, but I was shooting a real camera for work. Context: It was a poorly advertised event & there aren’t many bikers here despite the absolutely PERFECT weather (sunny, low 70s). Most attendees are Harley/cruiser fanboys, so no really interesting bikes. Sooner I’m done here sooner I can go home. Fire away, Oppo!

Bike count so far:

1 Honda Goldwing

1 Victory cruiser of some sort

3 Indian cruisers of some sort (1 is a Scout. The other two are bigger).

1 Suzuki SV

1 Gixxer

Eleventy-billion Harley Davidson cruisers and trikes. Almost all of them in black. Almost all of them stock.


Update 2:

1 Kawasaki Z1000 with this added to the front cowl:


Update 3:

1 - 1991 BMW K75 in red. For sale.

1 - other oldish BMW that I couldn’t ID because I only saw it for a second.

1 - another Indian.

Update 4: should I wait for this to happen? It’s an acrobatic show of some sort. The performers are still setting up.


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