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I am at a total loss right now

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I called my Honda guy, Donnie, to brag about going to the junk yard and finding a replacement seat for my Odyssey. The guy who picked up his phone told me haltingly that Donnie is dead, hit by a car while riding his bicycle. I am absolutely in shock. I just spoke to Donnie last Thursday.


Donnie was a great friend, and an avid cyclist. We talked at length about trips we had taken, and we had traveled many of the same roads in South Dakota. He always worked with me as I tried to squeeze one more year out of my 17-year-old van. He was always there if I had a question, he always gave me a deal, he was honest, fair, and just a damned fine man. A gentleman.

I have no more words. Godspeed, Donnie.

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