I have big plans for the day, I actually went to bed (and sleep!) before 10 o’clock last night, I was so excited. I usually only do this (go to bed early) once or twice a year if I am really tired or sick. Now I am awake, my plans for the day involve digging a trench to re-route my underground sprinkler lines due to expanded garage construction. I have an 8-5 desk job, but most of what I do outside of that involves work on house, yard or cars of a physical and often noisy nature. I have a spouse, often visiting grandchildren and neighbors who probably wouldn’t appreciate me starting that work before sunrise.

I know many people talk about the glory of getting up super early and getting things done. My mind and body aren’t really in that mode at that time-its more like “oh hell I am awake, what am I supposed to do now?”

Best option seems to be go back to sleep and start the day when it is light out, which seems to me to be much more the natural order if things.