It was a tough one OPPO :’(

Me and my wife flew out Friday the 22nd. Fresh from all the trouble still present in Houston, things seen on TV from my CDMX got real very quick.

My wife’s grandmother was telling us about a home around the corner that collapsed and that the people trapped underneath were yelling for help. Those yells faded before we got there. The rubble was too heavy, even for about 10 of us to move. A couple blocks down, a brand new apartment complex also collapsed. There was no real count of who may be under there. A lot of us were able to move the rubble....

... one by one, we started to see the bodies. The area we live has grown recently with a lot of young wealthy types. Young professionals and students. We pulled 3 lifeless young females and 2 young chaps. All in their early 20s. Their family’s screams as they were identified is something I will never forget. Once we went somewhere else, the count we heard just kept rising. Eventually after many days, help arrived to this area.


Per Mexican politics, which rival the BS happening in Washington DC, a lot of local aid fell to corruption. Entire truck loads of supplies were being confiscated by “officials”. People from near by towns and beyond were not allowed to enter the neighborhoods to help or drop off much needed things. Federal funds were diverted to other manners not related to the relief effort. Mass corruption, damn it all.

My aunts were finally located at a shelter since both were staying in one house and it became structurally compromised. Besides to 2 victims I mention in the other post, a good friend of mine was injured after the stairway collapsed while he was trying to escape. He fell and broke his right leg, 2 ribs and a mean scrape to the side of his head plus a bit concussed.

Before the trip, we were helping a family friend (one of many) who’s house was initially safe from the flooding, but when the dam was opened, their house had 3 feet of water within an hour in the middle of the night. No chance to save things.


With no insurance, they are paying out of pocket. FEMA is supposed to help but at last check, there is about 20,000 people ahead of them. Local city officials stop by all the areas and taking notes and building cases to fund help. I believe the engineers of these dams are supposed to get sued or something. All that will take years for sure. The Red Cross, with all the money they’ve received, have been MIA around many parts of town. You can maybe guess which parts of town *wink wink* unfortunately. Their whole funding seems like a scam. They are helping indeed and I understand the many ways they are spending all these millions donated to them that is not reported on the news (hotel fees, rescue vehicle repairs, shelters) but many things they do seem like a total scam.

One thing that ticks me the fuck off is the stories from friends who work construction. Immigrants who are hired to do work at hella shady pricing. Contractors (wealthy die hard Trump types) who are in masses going to the rich areas of town effected and charging ridiculously for basic repairs. Basic pluming, floors, electrical, A/C, etc. Soon after they agree to repairs, they find immigrant workers to do the work for chump change as usual and they pocket the rest. A good friend of our said that one client was quoted over $20,000 to redo their kitchen cabinets. Wealthy customers agreed and the contractors made bank. They want to kick us out but after we fix their precious homes and clean up their city all paid under the table. Shit like that and the lack of rush to help Puerto Rico is the BS I what I read once back to the good ol’ USSR of A.


On a lighter note, we just had the new? Vanquish S come in to my work. Looks identical to all the other bazillion Vanquishe we’ve sold lol. The “S” has a new front bumper, rear diffuser and wheel options. HP is bumped to 595 and with the new but old 8 spd, its 0-60 is under 4 seconds.


One customer purchased a new Vanquish S and a V90 Cross Country. Luckyyyyyy!

Also, here are some Lotus in my shop of all shapes and sizes.


Also, some TFritch and AMGTech bait. We got this rare item traded in the other day. I forget what edition these were called.




I had 40 days of vacation that accumulated but due to my time off in Mexico and a millions bills that were late for the last 2 months, I cashed in 37 of those days this pay period and will take of Monday- Wednesday. I will be headed to New Braunfels on Sunday, South Padre Island Monday and Tuesday then Corpus Christi on Wednesday. 3 days to not think of work and bills and recharge my batteries for fucking once!