I say I hate the Juke, and I do. I really do. But I love this thing.

Now the Veloster isn’t a tying to tell any one it’s an “CUV” which a appreciate, but they do have some things is common.

The most obvious relation being that they are both, polarizing cars. Cars that even get attention from people who usually don’t notice cars, and chances are if you’re the sort of person who forms opinions about cars, you’re feelings about them are strong. Because they stand out.


Another thing they have in common is they both toss aside traditional square, proposeful, classic hatchback shapes in favor of soppy lines, slanted roof, and tiny cargo areas. This is my main reason for hating the Juke but I let it slide on the Veloster. To the point that a Turbo model is in my top 5 “my next car” list. The Veloster does have one saving grace though, hatch opens up half way up the roof, like an old Saab.


The Veloster does provide 5 cubic feet more space than a Juke with the rear seats up.