Recently I have been trouble shooing a weird thing where when there is no load on my engine (park/neutral) the revs climb to like 2500rpm but when the car is in gear it idles at a perfect 700rpm. I always assumed that this was the result of a vacuum leak, but could never figure out where the leak was coming from because I replaced all my hoses, gaskets, etc. One day I pulled all the hoses off the carb and tried to run the car with all ports open just for the heck of it, and against all typical tuning logic the car ran like normal. I am an idiot that I tuned my engine to run and drive sufficiently well on essentially zero vacuum pressure... but a genius because the car runs and drives on the worst tune ever. As for the source of the leak?

I’m almost positive there is a mismatch between the heads and the intake manifold that is causing a gap to be created that isn’t being sufficiently sealed with the standard gaskets, likely a result of the machining I had a shop do to these heads when I got them rebuilt. Not much I can do about this problem so I may as well just keep driving the car like normal.

Next steps for the car include finding a new front subframe that I can build up a new drivetrain on outside of the car to make a full engine swap really simple and to keep the car on the road while I buy and build everything. The goal is a modest LS with 350hp or so with hopefully a t56 6-speed, but I could settle for an automatic since it would swap right in with my current setup.