I am deeply cut to learn the death of my personal favorite F1 driver, Niki Lauda.

Long before the movie Rush, I remember catching a documentary about Lauda (I think it was on speed channel), and learning of his cold, calculated methods of driving. I appreciated just how smart he was, and how he always seemed like an underdog loner even when he was on top. Attributes that firmly placed him above the likes of Senna and Schumacher in my book.


I of course was born far after Lauda’s heyday, but watching old race reruns on YouTube still filled me with joy and entertainment, and then of course Rush, which was a blast to see in theaters.

I’m going to miss Lauda. I haven’t felt this down about a driver since Earnhardt’s death in 2001.

Auf Wiedersehn, Herr Lauda.

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