Not getting a "dat ass" reply from me Ford. Also, enough the Camaro comments, the way the C-pillers meet the deckline kind of reminds me of another GM product...


Anybody? No? Oh well. Still, kind of wish Ford put some Fox body and New Edge influence into the design.

Mmmmm, look at those rear arches and vents. Totally should be on this gen.


Now that is an ass. Hatch is pretty bad ass too.

Ok, considering this is a "global" Ford now and the public only really cares about the first gen Mustang, I get not wanting to put some old styling cues in. But damn it would make up for disappointment that is the rear quarters (and the loss of the live axle for people who drag race). However it's nothing a factory bi-turbo'd Coyote could make up for (plz Ford!).