Oh, hello Internet, I forgot to tell you the result of yesterday's competition. You had the ability to force me to drive one car for three days straight. A terrible old Hyundai or the obvious blue Subie.

As many things on the Internet, this was not all that it seemed. The WRX is my daily driver. I have an actual motive to drive the crappier car: it is my mother-in-law's, she broke her wrist, she can't drive for six weeks at least and I should be a good boy and keep the thing moving before it seizes into my parking spot.

I wanted you to come up with some funny, ironic or awesome reason other than that perfectly boring and reasonable explanation. I wanted your help. I guess I was a bit too subtle.

No worries, I'm still driving it today. And tomorrow for good measure. But Friday is definitely WRX time. Thank god you disappointed me Internet!


(moarpowerr wins)