So for the last two weeks I have been staring at this ad on Craigslist:

It's two years newer, with all the fairings in good shape, and it's in black which is what I want to paint my ZX6E when I finish repairing the panels. I thought i might try and negotiate a panel swap for 1/3 the asking price, and then the guy could still sell it exactly as he was trying to do.

I drive across the city to look at it and find it missing the lower fairings. Well, F@@K. That's not promising.

I look next to the bike and there are the lower fairings, snapped and broken worse than mine.


So long brilliant idea. The guy tried to sell me on how I could swap in the good panels, but I had to explain that this idea was attractive from saving the need to paint, and if I have to paint and re-sticker anyway it isn't worth it.

Stupid idiot should put new photos up that reflect reality.