I might be a week or so away from having my Galant VR-4 on the road again..(just can’t wait to get on the road again)

I was having major problems with the brakes, and finally found that the proportioning valve was the problem. It had stuck completely shut. We found this out by just cracking the lines on either side. Fully pressure going in, absolutely no fluid coming out. I found a used one on galantvr4.org from some one parting out a wreck. I’ll find out later today if it works...

I also have new seat belts, and a Eclipse shifter coming that should be at my door this afternoon.

This weekend I may also be picking up some wheels to replace the crusty old 15”s.

Used 17” ASA EM9s. The have a clean look and they are cheap cheap. 200 bucks with some tires that I are the wrong size but I could probly sell.


(pic from GIS)


I might also “invest” in some H&R springs, and Bilstein shocks....

So in a week or two my car will be running, and looking gooood.