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I am getting drafted

My younger son is a freshman in high school, and is in the band. He goes to a different school from his older brother, and we really didn’t know these families before this year. I still don’t know them, because I am unfriendly and avoid other parents.

Some of you who have been involved in band may recognize this scenario. The boosters raise money and volunteer to wrangle kids and there is much parental drama. I ran away from this group when one chaperone mom was bullied to tears by the other chaperone moms. I give money, work the volunteer concession fundraisers, and stay the fuck away from all that noise. Apparently, my presence has not gone unnoticed.


People have been talking to my wife (she is a nice lady). There is apparently a group of harpies who have held this organization hostage for years, and my controlling the boosters bullied the previous director into giving favorable treatment to their kids. This year, there is a new director and he and a bunch of dissident parents want to make some sort of power move and oust the harpies from the booster organization. The new director has some ideas the harpies are mad about, like making the kids audition for and earn their parts.

So they came to my wife and said that the only person running for Board President is the husband of one of the harpies, and they want me to run against him. I think the guy who donated the Spitfire should do it. I would vote for him. But they told my wife that they think I won’t take any shit from anyone and I will run it without drama. These people don’t even know me. This is the last thing in the world I want to do.


But Mrs IM wants me to do it. Speech and vote is Thursday.


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