After having myself a Blizzard at Dairy Queen while taking my car out for a job after visiting O’Reilly to get my codes reset, the check engine light came back on.

Visited the shop again, and the codes came up: P0403 and P0443.

So, EGR and EVAP Purge Control Valve. I had replaced the latter, not the former. But I find it quite strange that both are having issues at the same time. Perhaps the hoses are blocked?


I checked the wiring harness for both pieces, and they don’t appear to be loose or fraying. They’re also cladded in that plastic sleeving as usual.

All I know is right now, my Interceptor has become one hell of a Bitchy Queen, and she just cost me $265 for the initial diagnosis and the purge valve. I had just gotten her transmission fully serviced earlier in the month, too.

So now my month’s expenses on her has gone up to $900, and it may go up even more. I am a bit peeved about that.