I am home

My pal missed me. And me him. My wife will be home late - her plane was delayed She took my younger son to Boston. He will be there all week at Berklee College of Music for songwriting camp. He was excited about the electronic music elective. Toby always looks away when the flash goes off. This was the best I could do.

My kids are musical and I encourage it. The older one is going to be a Jazz Studies major at UNT, so something must have worked. There were a lot of parents complaining that their kids did not get accepted into music. The music Dean said, “Your kids are here, so that means that they are among the most accomplished musicians their high schools have ever produced. They will not be that here, and they will be working very hard.”. He is taking all music classes. Piano, 2 theory classes, and a jazz history class. Also private lessons on the guitar, and he has to audition for a lab band. Not bad. Not bad at all. I might have done ok at this dad thing, admittedly by accident.


See? Terrible.

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