The debate ended and what can I say about it other than it was complete bullshit. Candidates spoke about feelings, not facts, they attacked eachother instead of focusing on the nation, and we saw lie after lie go unanswered. Here’s a small summary:

Focused on emotions, did not give out concrete solutions, and tried to attack other contenders with whom she has worked before and is friends with

Said criminals should have their hands cut off and focused how shit has changed in one of the richest states not including other factors

Evaded questions like Kellyann Conway, did not go into detail about taxes

ignored questions about his former boss, President Peña Nieto and corruption charges

Was silent the entire debate, avoiding questions and never answering to any of his crazy ideas, or friends, or propositions.

Did they go into concrete policy? NO
Did they talk about the feasability? Not enough
Did they fight eachother? Yes
Did they lie? mostly.


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