The view from my room on the 20th floor.

Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day. 3 way mediation. A company is getting sued for a bunch of alleged wage and hour violations.

60% of the labor was direct hire, and the rest were from staffing companies. I represent a staffing company that supplied part of this labor, part of the time. They think we are pals planning to split the cost. Not so.

The company had its own management and HR on site, and my client’s people had to submit to their practices. They made this mess, and my client has no intention of paying anything substantial. We are better off spending money to fight, and protect the client from customers who want us to take the hit for our bad management.


On the other side is a plaintiff attorney who hates my guts (there is a history). Add into the mix a mediator who expects me to play ball and be the voice of reason, when my job is to be obstinate and difficult. This day will not be about truth, law, or justice, it will be about leverage, and I like mine.

The case the plaintiff lawyer wants to use as a model for the settlement to pay out a minimum of 12 bucks up to a maximum of $2500 per worker, depending on how much they worked. He is looking for a fee around $400,000. Justice!

This guy is on my list. My family is Sicilian, so for us, grudges and revenge are a national pastime. I have some things that may expose this guy some best served cold.

I am having tacos and beer to work myself up for the day ahead.