So, the '14 Buick Regal can now be had with the Caddy ATS 2.0 boosted engine (259hp, 295 tq all over the place) aaannnndddd a Haldex AWD system in the gs awd model. What is further interesting? The 2012 testing of their possible Sport wagon model.

So, this is not just a re-badged Opal Insignia wagon, since it has Buick wheels and was being tested in a flock of Buicks. (What would we call that....a bunch of Buicks driving together...not a flock. A Golf of Buicks?) Since the Regal is based on the insignia already, I could see the top picture coming to life. Give it the ATS engine and awd...and we have an american Audiaru? For some reason, I am liking it. For a Jalop dealer version, should it have the Cruise diesel, 6 speed manual, and brown paint?

top photo: Kilometermagazine

test photo: the excellent Brenda.