This week and next week, there are no classes at the tech school where I work. I’m a salaried manager, and the only reason we’re open at all is so hourly workers can get hours. The two hourly people who could’ve worked today aren’t here. What am I still doing here?

I was only really planning to be here for a few hours today, like 10:30 am - 3 pm, to make a half-assed attempt of looking like we did some work. It was just supposed to be me and the library coordinator girl, because the financial aid lady already told me last week she was planning on being “sick” today.

As a good, responsible managerial overlord, am totally fine with people being “sick” when they are not actually sick, because we all have sick hours that we have to use up by the end of the year.

So I got to work at 10:30, opened the place up, brewed a pot of coffee, and waited for the library girl to arrive. Except she just called and said she’s actually sick, not “sick.” Her main reason for coming in today was to help 3 particularly fragile students with their homework, but she doesn’t want to get them sick. So now I have to call them and tell them not to come in today because library girl’s not here.


Other work things that have happened today include:

I ate a granola bar and am working on the first cup of coffee from the pot I brewed.


The vending machine filler-upper guy stopped by to ask if we needed to have him come around with no students being here for a couple weeks. I told him no. He took a few expired cookies and cinnamon rolls out of the vending machine that apparently the vending machine company gives away to a homeless shelter. So that’s good.

I talked with one lady from some company that wants to hire people.

I caught up on my car blog reading.

One of the 3 fragile students actually called shortly after library girl did, so that’s 1 less call I need to make. I’m going to call the other 2 now.


How long should I sit around here by myself? Maybe I should check in with my boss over at the Milwaukee campus to give her a heads up that I’m the only person here and since I’m salary I don’t need to be here?

UPDATE: Dangit, the most fragile of the 3 fragile students showed up! She didn’t answer when I called her, and didn’t get the voicemail I left her, so she’s here, in the computer lab doing homework. I talked with the other 2 who aren’t coming in today, so I guess I’m stuck here until she leaves.