Driving kids to school this morning, I hear a sssssssssssssssssssss sound from the back of the Volvo wagon. Two things I know are back there, among many others:

1. A large metal contraption made for cutting ski tracks into the top (inrun) of a ski jump.

2. Two cans of line-marking spray paint, one blue and one red.

In the 3-4 seconds it took my brain to realize what was happening, then the subsequent 5-6 seconds it took to do a full panic-stop on the snowy dirt road I was on (NO THANKS TO ABS), plus the 2-3 seconds it took me to get back there and get to the offending can, it managed to create a pretty nice red puddle on the “never been so worth its weight in gold” Weather Tech(TM) floor mat.


Miraculously, only a couple spots of paint seemed to get on the carpet in the trunk area, which I mostly was able to wipe off while it was still wet. Honestly, that was probably a side effect of me extracting the can. The carpet is black, so it’s not super obvious, anyway. At least I think, I didn’t empty the car because the paint was (probably still is) wet. Quite a bit of paint dripped off the can as I removed it, but I was able to wipe that off the rear door seal quickly with a baby wipe I had handy.

In other news, my 100' steel cable, snow brush, and a few other items now bear a distinctive red branding, so I will know that they are mine. Along with that floor mat, whose value will forever be memorialized by a giant red spot. The off-white folded-up canvas is just a scrap thing I use when transporting garbage.


I am very lucky not to have a red interior right now.

Side note: this is what the aluminum contraption is for:

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