And it looks rat-rod sort of cool.

I like external-fender beds on trucks, even though they are maybe slightly less functional in terms of cubic feet of space in the bed.


I like motorcycles, and I could see this being a cool motorcycle carrier, and modest trailer-towing rig. To haul motorcycles, I would fold down the tail gate, have a pair of tire width rails with wheel chocks at the front of the bed, and tie-downs integrated into the wood bed floor in the bed and maybe tire rails on the inside of the tail gate also.

I would also make the whole truck, or at least the front fenders/doors/cab below the character line as that brushed copper orange that the rear fender has.

I would be tempted to put a bed bar on the outside of the bed, a tube bumper and hitch receiver on the back, and tail lights fitted into the back side of the fenders, rather than tacked on to the sides of the bed. It would be tempting to put an LED light bar on the top of the bed bar, and tie the diagonals back, around the rear fenders, to the sides of the bed, or to the ends of the tube bumper.

I like the meaty tires on black steelies for a lowered 2WD truck. I would probably keep street tires, rather than this being a drag truck on slicks.


I also had the idea of widening the bed, pushing the fenders out a bit, and maybe adding similar slightly wider boxed fender flares to the front fenders/doors, shaped similarly to the rear fenders, to make it a sort of wide body, with all four fenders being wider than the doors on the cab, as well as wider than the bed sides... which is a bit of an old-school look.

Then, beyond that, what might also be a cool custom fabrication, would be to extend the rear cab wall with some sort of curved 5-window extended cab customization, and maybe a little more bed length as well, (for motorcycle carrying) on a longer wheelbase frame.


I am not a big fan of SBC engine swaps into other brands of car... but this is a no-brainer for an SBC or LS engine swap. If it were a Ford flare side, I would say a Coyote 5.0.

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