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I. am. not. happy.

Today started off as a pretty good day. It’s miraculously not a million degrees in Texas today, and the sun is shining. I’m off work until Friday night, so I went out to run errands this afternoon. I found Premium Gas at a Mobil station ($2.999/gal) so filled up. Headed over to the touchless car wash I have a membership to for a quick wash...

Then things went wrong.

When they got done with the car, the manager came out to be upfront about a problem. Their guy had backed my car into a curb...

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I wanted so much to yell and be a jerk about it, but I knew that it wouldn’t help anything, especially since he was being up front about it and immediately said they would make it right. He filled out an internal form and gave me a copy, calling his regional manager for further instruction.

I headed over to get groceries while I waited for his call back, since that was already going to be my next stop. When I got done he called me back to let me know I could stop by a local body shop any time, they would be expecting me.

I headed over after unloading my groceries and had the service manager get his photos and take a look at it. Aside from the obvious damage there’s a retaining tab broken on the back of the bumper cover, so it’s loose and really hitting into the exhaust. He says it’ll take 3-4 days once they have the paint and parts in and we’ll set up an appointment when they’re ready.

I’m still not happy.

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