I converted my Trans Am from automatic to manual last month with the help of K-Roll. Swapped out a 700R4 that was missing two of the four gears for a Borg Warner Super T-10 that came out of a ‘79 Trans Am. Bought the full manual swap parts from that ‘79 parts car, everything from the manual specific radiator to clutch linkages to the drive shaft. Had a local shop do a full rebuild of the transmission so it should be good to go for another 40 years.

I also rebuilt the factory Hurst shifter so it now is as tight as can be. It’s so fun to shift this car. The throws are huge and you get a satisfying chunk when gears are engaged. The exposed shift rods, mechanical clutch linkages, and crappy ergo means it’s so different than driving anything modern - but so much more fun.

The previous owner cut out all the parking brake cables so that’s one of the next jobs to take care of. That’s a $300+ problem for another day, right now I’m just enjoying daily driving this ridiculous car. Also on the to-do list are shocks, ball joints, replacing the gauges, and the creation of a fan shroud to help my electric fans be a little more efficient.


I really need a new steering wheel...

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