I am now in the business of flipping cars.

My girlfriend is driving this right now, and has decided she absolutely hates it.


She has absolutely fallen in love with the Shitvic, and after driving it for a month I still think it's pretty good at getting good gas mileage and literally nothing else, so I'm going to "trade" with her. I don't make out good on that one, but it keeps the beautiful, unmolested car in enthusiast hands and does my darling a favor, so I win on all fronts except value.

So! What to do with her hunk of American, pre Great Recession iron. Trade.



Looks like shit now, but if I can get it for a song I can get some stock wheels off a 2005 V6 from my dad, rip all those graphics off and clean it up and make a few hundred bucks. Make the girlfriend happy and keep her Shitvic acquisition from being too huge a loss.

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