You can find and read the whole document here and join me in both fascination, hope, and agony as I try to comprehend the contents of the whole thing.

I've just started (barely even half page one), and already I'm seeing sports cars from the Lotus Evora/BMW Z4 bracket up to the R35 GT-R/Mustang that can make the regs but wouldn't really make total sense.

I'm already at this point of page one, to be specific:

Car designed for sport with two doors, two or two + two seats, closed, which can be used perfectly legally on the open road and is available for sale through the dealer network of a manufacturer.

Hmm... sounds like I'm right with my hunch.

Although, yeah, if one wants to make a special car made just for RGT (like, say, Porsche, Lotus, or Nissan), there's this paragraph just at the start:

Cars derived from a series model that are built specifically for a Manufacturer's Cup may be accepted, provided that a minimum of 30 units have been produced.

The minimum production required concerns identical cars for normal sale to the general public.

-All bodywork of a same minimum series must be identical, with the exception of the sun roof, and the exhaust (catalytic version or not, if only one modification to the exhaust distinguishes the two versions). The vehicle must be delivered to the customer completed, with all its parts totally mounted and operational. At the time of delivery, the car must be legal as far as road homologation is concerned, regardless of its configuration.


Also, only RWD is allowed, even if the production version is AWD, though there is provision for a RWD-to-AWD conversion.

I'll update this as I go along, but for now, I need a co-driver for the technical bits.