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So in the last 4 days I have watched all of the 007 movies(I took a short brake from work). From Dr. No to Skyfall in 96 hours. I did this every summer for 4 years, but because of no time this year, I missed doing it, but now all wrong is right.


James Bond is really a special thing for people like us, that love cars. Without its cars, the series would have lacked something and most certainly would have been worse. From the DB5, the Lotus Esprit, AM V8, Vanquish, DBS to even the rather out of place BMWs. And of course the infamous AMC placement in the The Man With The Golden Gun, which gaves us so much car insanity in one movie. From the barrel roll to the car/plane hybrid. The car chases and stunts are top notch. And it is offensive that the only passable car scene in the Craig era is from the worst one, Quantum of Solace.

On the acting side everything is as remembered. Yes the Craig era are better movies overall from a critical point of view, but the Connery/Moore/Brosnan eras are so much more fun. And I think fun is the most important thing about 007. The camp must be high and the jokes are some of the best outside of a true comedy films. When will be every seeing a female character names Pussy Galore ever again? Or Plenty O'Toole? Or the glorious snarky comments at villians? Or the Brosnan subtle or not so dick/errection jokes. I think the fun was drained from 007 and will never be back along with the outrageous gadgets. And now I haz a sad, because I like very much Casino Royale and Skyfall, but I want the old Bond back.

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