I am overwhelmed

So much shit to do.

I have to get basicly 3 weeks worth of homework done by the end of this week in preparation for the tail of the dragon trip, as I wont have any way of doing it then.

The daytona and cbf BOTH need work. CBF needs fork seals, and brakes and MAYBE a front tire

Daytona doesnt idle (runs fine though) has a MASSIVE exhaust leak, needs a bolt, maybe tires, def a balance. of and fork seals.

the mercedez blew a CV joint and tie rods are done. its at a shop right now.

Work is gearing up for a huge personel shuffle (one guy quit, one guy transfered, one took over) so its hectic as hell there.

Not to mention some deals are being antsy and not getting me into and might not get delivered before my trip.

Lexus also needs brakes (desperetly...but I did order them) so thats fun too.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck


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