What's with the anti-dealer tone on the front page lately??

I get it. Car dealers are bad. Many people detest dealing with them. Dealers have earned their reputations, you can cite example after example of unscrupulous behavior from them.

HOWEVER, there are also many dealers that treat their customers right and do their best to run an honest business that serves their community. These stories don't get told, because they're boring. "Car dealer helps college grad pick out first new car, customer is thrilled with low payment" is a headline that you'll never see, for example. Dealers also employ people in your community. The auto industry itself is huge, and all those factory workers, transporters, suppliers, etc all depend on the folks at the dealership level for their livelihood. As car enthusiasts, many of us commenters on Jalopnik work in this industry.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for exposing bad guys. But crowding the news with story after story about dealership mis-doings sets a tone that lately has been making me uncomfortable. Is there nothing positive that can be said? Maybe even just tips for buying? Does it always have to be about deals gone horribly wrong, that shed our entire industry in a bad light?

I've worked in the car business my entire adult life. Pretty much everyone I know outside of my family is in the car business, and pretty much they're all great people. I live in a small town, so all the different dealer employees know each other, and outside of a couple bad apples, everyone I have dealt with has been a person just like you or me, trying to make a living, doing the right things, and taking care of their families. Even at nationwide conferences I've attended, I have met great folks.


I am proud of my occupation. I love cars and I have a job where I get to play with cars all day. I get to meet great people, in both our customers and our employees. I am an honest person. I have never ripped anyone off. Our owner goes out of his way to make sure that his customers are taken care of, and the right thing is done for them every time.

I doubt that my experience is that unique.