Been trying to call dealerships, even ones as far as South King County, to locate a service shop that:

A) Knows what the fuck they’re doing with Engine Control Modules on 2010 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.

B) Doesn’t try to give me the run-around with “needing to get a diagnosis”. Asswipe, I ain’t a money-teat.


I already diagnosed it myself. The original ECM failed to send signals to the EVAP Purge Valve a month ago, leading to me replacing it outright with a different ECM from another 2010 Ford Crown Victoria PI belonging to a different jurisdiction.

The result? I no longer have traction control, because Seattle PD did not order that with their cars. However, my car, which is from Pierce County Sheriff, came with it from the factory. I trust you see the issue here?

Technically I don’t need to get the ECM reflashed, since I can drive without TCS. But its lack of availability bugs me every now and then, plus the throttle behavior seems different from the original ECM at times. I have wasted an hour trying to call these dealerships when they either keep forwarding me to an answering machine, or giving me the run-around with “we need to diagnose it ourselves”.

Yes, I know the risks of having service conducted on the car going off of my own diagnosis, and no, I’m not paying $200 for a diagnosis, and then a reflash on the ECM (assuming the dealership has the balls to guarantee their work, I’m not taking anything less) for another $200. Fuck that.


Edit: If anyone can recommend a Ford-capable service shop that can reprogram my ECM for me, I’d appreciate it. I’m ready to try third-party shops now...