What say you, Opponauts? Am I insane for barking up this tree?

I have the cash on hand for this, and I desperately want a second vehicle that is NOT my father’s ‘97 Ranger, which I often borrow for things that won’t fit in the Miata. I want reliability, the ability to carry more than one other person, and a trunk that can fit a tuba. The RWD and extra leg room are a bonus, really.

Tomorrow, I will text him and ask three important questions:

1) Does he have the physical title? (ain’t buying without it)

B) Would you allow me to take the car to a shop to be inspected (on my dime)

4) Despite insisting that it is moot, what is the mileage on the chassis?

(The cash on hand is basically the insurance payout when they totalled the Miata, which I am still using as my DD. I’m not in a rush to fix the hail damage right now, since the car still functions just fine. Might as well put the cash into a new DD. At this price, I can even go liability-only on the insurance and not even care.)