MY Zero FXS has a handy dandy app and bluetooth connectivity. On it, I can track things, like how much money I’ve saved riding versus driving a gas powered car. It also tracks how many pounds of CO2 I’ve conserved.

Let’s check in and see how good I’ve done since buying the bike in May.

Oh, look at that, I’ve saved $142 Million dollars in gas money. That’s pretty good! How did I achieve such a feat?

Oh, well, I’ve driven 712,477 miles. Which is easy when you can go 7,311 miles on only 33% of a full charge. I’M A HYPER MILER BADASS


Actually, it seems I’ve gone significantly further than that. Based on the “money saved” calculation, I’m easily over a billion miles, which correlates since the odometer no longer counts up, just the trip meter. It is in awe of my awesome velocities.

Come to think of it, there maaaaay be something wrong with my odometer.