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I am so close!

In the past couple of weeks I have replaced the turbo, oil feed line, coil packs, upstream O2 sensor, coolant, and oil on my car. I have been on a couple of short trips around town with little to no boost but today was a bit longer and more of a shakedown run. Overall it runs great. The clutch engages and doesn’t bog down like it did ever so slightly before all this. It sounds healthy. Any smoke that there was i believe was just burning off pb blaster and spilt coolant. It runs up the rev range and pulls great right up until about 80mph in 4th and about 85 in 5th.

For the most part that doesn’t bother me And yet it does. Trying to track down issues on forums is ridiculously hard because most of them put on something like a new downpipe and didn’t get it tuned. This was happening more before the new parts but still is there. I think overboost? No idea. It feels like a fuel cut for half a second and then it’s good to go again. No CELs. Holds boost. Maybe I’ll spend more money and get an access port to data log but I don’t really want to.


Thanks for reading, or not, my stream of consciousness rambling post mini shakedown drive. Have a flying car.

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