Picture unrelated, but HAPPY LOTUS IS HAPPY, TOO. Warning: college football ('Murica version) content below. Warning #2: Stef went to Baylor.



Let me put this in perspective as to why I'm all "BURN ALL THE COUCHES!" right now:

This is the same school people tried to exclude from a major conference when the Big 12 was in total limbo because our football team used to be a total pushover.

This is the school everyone expected to go back into limp mode after RG3 left.

Baylor vs. UT? I sat through one of these games at Floyd Casey when I was a student. 2005. 62-0, complete shut out on our own field. The place was so empty by halftime that my friend and I walked over to the alumni side to sit in the shade.


And no one cared.


I got on TV once on the sidelines. Aaaaaand look at the score. Or rather, what I did to the score when I posted that on Facebook. Uh, actually, I don't think we score these games, do you? That's not added in MS Paint. THE SCORE IS A LIE!

Point being: we're not "supposed" to be here. Winning.

And here we are in 2013. Disappointed when we don't run up the score because running up the score is how we roll. Fuming mad when we lost to another ranked opponent. Even madder so when said opponent chokes to 0U.


We expect to win.

And we're BCS bowl bound.

I'll admit—I sucked at college. I struggled with depression through much of it, took way too long to graduate, and generally don't have fond memories of being a student. If I could build a time machine, I'd probably go back to 2005 and punch myself in the face. Graduating felt more like "I survived, now what?" than a cause for celebration.


If I hadn't found good people and discovered "I should totally do this racecar thing," I'm honestly not sure I'd be around right now to post about how no couch in Waco should be left unburnt. I'd found a challenge. I wasn't bored. And here I am.

You people. Really.


But dagnabbit if I won't revel in this moment. Those are my Bears. Winning.

I sat through a lot of butt turrible football I've sat through to see this, and I want to give the universe a hug right now.

Floyd Casey Stadium—the scene of so much fail from when I was a student—is finally done. I couldn't think of a better way to close it out.

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