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I am so sick of this.

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That hole wasn’t there yesterday. I poked at the spot and went through. I was going to wash any salt off of the rocker panels and put chassis saver on them just to keep it from getting worse.


Fuck Michigan, fuck road salt, fuck rust, and fuck my luck. Rock Auto sells them, but I have no experience, I have no idea what I’d be doing, I don’t have the money to have it done, nobody to teach me how to weld, I’m probably shit out of luck.

Even if I wanted to just wash my hands of the truck (Which I don’t - I’m attached to it), I wouldn’t get jack shit for it. I see potential for awesome, everyone else sees a shitty rusted pile with 267k on it. I’d probably get $1200 on the best day, which is STILL less than I paid for it and I’ve put another $800 in it. I’d have to give it away or scrap it (which I sure as fuck won’t do), and THEN I’d still have to find something that ticks the right boxes that doesn’t cost a fortune.


I’m not really looking for advice, I just needed to vent.

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