If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

I am sorry, Oppo.

I I know this is too many posts, but I am too excited about this car.

I am in love

My wife just left to pick up my son at the San Francisco airport, 3 hrs away. I took the opportinity to bring the T Bird behind our gate. Early problem: passenger side pieer window will not go up. Pleasanr surprise: Vacuum power locks that work with an audible hiss.

That interior speaks foe itself.
How cool is that? Why can’t we have this anymore?
This is a religious experience.

We have 2 years to work in this before he graduates. He will not.be allowed to take it away from dry western climates.

Tomorrow, he and I are going to comb over it to figure out what it needs, and to start a checklist.


This is not the Sunchaser. Parts availabity ad restoration market is good.

Please post any advice you have. Thanks.


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