I have heard of the Witcher series on the interwebs, all I knew was that he is a Monster hunter with sorceress girlfriends in a Medieval Europe basedĀ fantasy continent.

But ever since Henry Cavil was announced as the Witcher for the 2019 Netflix series, I was curious to learn more. I have been watching a few lore +games explained videos and finally decided to start from the 3rd game directly and watch it like a movie because it was highly rated and popular. I am a sucker for good medieval fantasy after all.

I am about half way through and the story is very interesting, and so are the characters. The game itself seems to be visually striking with some great monster designs and I love that it doesnā€™t hold back with the Mature rating. Iā€™d probably not play it myself though because I am a very casual gamer (and bad at that), The only games Iā€™ve played consistently are racing,flight sims and AOE2.


Just putting it out there to see if anyone else has played the game/read the books. Anyway hereā€™s the link in case anyoneā€™s interested: