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I am starting to get excited.

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I have a business meeting in Oxnard on Thursday. Provided the Sunchaser has operational headlights by tonight, Toby and I will be headed out tomorrow morning, potentially delayed by washing the filthier-than-it-has-ever-been Sunchaser. But we will be taking the day to make it a leisurely trip on a scenic route. We are planning to meet Opponaut HisStigness (a really great guy) who I will attempt to coax out of his self-imposed Oppo exile. Toby will get to play on the beach.


Thursday after the meeting I will wander north along the coast until I reach Cayucos, waving at CaptDale in SLO as I go (I am assuming he will be at work so a meet up is unlikely), where I will have dinner and a visit with my mom. Always be good to your mom. My mom is awesome, so it is easy.  And Toby will get to play on the beach.

If any of you are ever in any area you see me posting about, let me know. I am always up to meet an Opponaut, and I am always willing to buy a meal, a coffee, or a beer for a chance to meet you. I have met a number of California Oppos since I have been here, and all of you have been awesome.


This is a cool, weird little offshoot of car culture that is only possible with the Internet. You all are a bunch of interesting oddballs, weird in the most wonderful ways. I participate in some car FB groups and forums, and go to a lot of shows and meets, and this place is not representative of my experience in the broader world of car culture. Here, we have lost two cars and coffees to burnout assholes, the forst one Mustang Bros second one because of rich assholes in supercars (a GT3 spun his tires and passed me exiting the event at high speed, apparently impressed that his Porsche was faster than my 4 cylinder Toyota). Oppo rules. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to my little road trip, and hope the Sunchaser is done in time.

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