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So let’s face it, the internet is filled with people who dump their YouTube videos any forum they can. You guys are my 3rd and 4th most highest traffic source and I am truly thankful for that and because of that I try to interact with you as much as possible.


My channel was just monetized Nov 1st (man was that 4000 watch view a grind) so while financially, you mean pennies so far, mentally you mean the world to me. Somehow I make the “Popular” sidebar often (still haven’t figured that sidebar out) and my videos get 2-6k view bumps from you fellow Oppos.

YOU OPPOS ARE AWESOME! And I am thankful for you.

If you have no idea what I am talking about or just want to share the love back to me. This is my channel, like, share, comment, do what you Oppo’s have done for the last few months, because it has been appreciated more than you know.


One of my favorite videos that will send you to my channel:

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