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I am the fastest engineer......in the world**

**world consisting of a small group of about 9 engineers

Its official. I am the fastest engineer...in my sub-section. My manager took us all out for an after-work outing to do some karting and I claimed victory. It was a time trial setup so we were going for fastest lap time.


These weren't your run-of-the-mill po-dunk go-karts either. It was a tight, grippy, indoor track where helmets and neckbraces were required and on the fast section they get up to about 40 mph.

With 9 people on track there was a fair amount of traffic to navigate through and we had a few caution flags come out when someone spun so it was tough to get a clean lap in but on lap 12 out of 13 it all came together.

This was at Full Throttle Indoor Karting in Cincinnati, Ohio and its an absolute blast. If any Oppos are in Cincinnati and want to hit the track sometime let me know!!!

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