Everyone else sounds completely crazy. Scott Adams confirms it.

Illustration for article titled I am the only sane person in my office

I’m also Le Broke(tm) due to the following:

* Tires for the truck after getting two flats ($1000 for 5 installed and balanced)
* Tires for the BMW ($970 for 4 installed and balanced)
* New steering gear for the truck ($1000 for everything from the pitman arm down to idler and outer tie rods installed. I’m half expecting a call saying the center link needs replacing and that’s another $300)
* Suspension bushings on the lower control arm of the BMW and a new front wheel hub/bearing assembly ($700 installed)
* Probably should get Xanax, but that causes paranoid delusions, and I’d rather just be broke than broke and insane.

Payday is the 1st. Actually my first payroll for my new company, so yay business, I guess.

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