I Am The Unicorn Hunter

And I bagged one.

I’ve been obsessively internet stalking a third car for winter use, short trips to trail heads and the local ski place, and eventually for my oldest child to drive to school. Requirements: affordable, winter-capable, and at least a little interesting. I hit the jackpot this weekend.


A local dealer advertises a no-haggle price for used cars; late Friday night they listed a 2001 Land Cruiser, 214,000 miles, no photos, for just under 7k. I assumed it was going to be a rusted-out heap at that price, but decided to swing by Saturday morning. It was still on the lift for their internal inspection, and surprisingly looked like a 100,000 mile garage-kept southern car. The timing belt and water pump were replaced 30,000 miles ago, the front door speakers are blown, and one CV boot is leaking a little, that’s it. I casually told them I wanted to test drive it and to please reserve it for me.


Fast forward, it turns out the internet manager meant to list it for $9900, not $6900, but they held to the “no-haggle” advertised price. I did not haggle; in fact I could barely hide my car boner.

We always name our cars (Emmy the M3, Lumpy the Honda Crosstour and so on). We thought of Hulk, Beast, Goku, or Shrek, but my son decided on Yamato. Ideal name for a large Japanese-built boat. Now it’s time to obsessively internet shop for accessories!

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