Because neither y’all nor FP (Looking your way Torch >_>) ever told me this was a thing.

The Beetle classic.

A Mk6 GTI with retro beetle looks? WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT FROM VW!?

Link in case of Kinja.

If I was in the market for a 20k DD I’d buy this in a heart beat electrical problems be damned, assuming the Triptronic isn’t totally worthless, the one draw back is there’s no manual :(


Here’s how I’d spec mine.

Chrome exhaust tips- Because classy

Splash guards- Because protect the paint yo, and compacts don’t look right without splash guards IMO.


Wheel locks- So VWvortex forum readers don’t try to steal muh wheels when they try to revert their car back to stock.

That’s basically like half the options.