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I Amputated The Third Pedal

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I couldn't help but be jealous of one journalistic peer allowed to romp around the best roads in Europe in a Cayman S. I feel as though every young man becomes an automotive journalist for one reason: to drive every car without reserve and never pay for it. All that is required is a quick wit and a strong passion. I am not a journalist, so I have to pay to play.


I have owned a '06 Boxster S manual for over a year and loved almost every minute. The almost every minute being NYC traffic that can last up to 2 hours; left leg dead. But let's not dwell. I've google mapped the entire tri-state area for the best roads and I'm pretty sure I've found them all. Heel-toe into every corner, power out. Lovely. It was a great car on the road and a fantastic car on the track.


As Hunter S. Thompson once said, "Find what you do better than everyone else, and do that." I'm a stunner on a track. Old men in their 911's and Cayman R's watch in anger as a 987S Boxster fly's past them. But I wanted more.

The problem with Porsches, and I'm not the only one that feels this way, are the pedals. At Watkins Glen coming into corner 1 at over a hundred mph, the brake pedal is not setup for an easy heel toe downshift (I have big feet). While fun to row up through the gears, its a bit hairy in the opposite, unless of course, you spend nearly 1k to install 'correct' pedals. No thanks.


So, after all the talk about the 981S Boxster, after seeing all the pure smiles it put on everyones faces, I went out and bought one, with paddles. And I love it. LOVE IT.

I drove to the roads of Connecticut, the twisty, hilly, mansion lined roads and could not shake the smile. The sound of that flat 6 burbling and popping! Never having to take my hand off the wheel, BAM!, another gear, a symphonic explosion every time I wanted it. Perfectly setup for the next corner, smooth, precise and without effort this car sends you through the streets hanging your cheeks from ear to ear. It glides over rough roads yet leaves you confident that you can carry more speed through that next corner. I have yet to take it on a track, which I will, and really explore its full potential. For now though, top-down, twisty NY roads will be just perfect.


I've been a car enthusiast my entire life. My mother owned a Z28 with a posi rear end in the mid-nineties which would lay perfect 11's behind the neighborhood Starbucks. The first car I actually got to pick out was a 2L turbo Talon, running 15psi and mid 13's. But I've always wanted a real sports car that could go around real corners and like a date with destiny, I finally have my perfect car. Not complaining about my 987S, that car was amazing and if you get a chance to own one do it, it is the perfect blend of sports car and daily ability (get the manual). But the 981S is the evolution of that perfect beast. A precise German werwolf: clean and calm during the day, mean and hairy in the full moon light.

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