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I have been down the rabbit hole of the Louis CK confession, and miles of Internet rage and madness. I always thought he was funny, but this and other recent harassment/assault/rape cases has left me exhausted and repelled. It is all awful, but I think we feel like we know a comedian through his work, and as a former fan of his work, his behavior really upset me.


I have been an attorney for about 17 years, and my profession is awful to women. I have spoken twice at a local bar association about it, and left a big law firm in part because of how some of my partners treated the women who worked there. I think that this sort of abuse is everywhere, so I have no illusions. It is one of the reasons I have my own business.

Over the years, I have had a number of young attorneys work for me, and by chance most have been women. All of these business relationships have ended on good terms, and I hear from former employees from time to time and it is always friendly. I think I treat people ok, and it isn’t hard. Just adopt a few simple rules. For example, male or female, don’t touch people beyond a handshake. Oh yeah, one more thing, do not masturbate in front of your co-workers.


What the hell is wrong with people? I am certainly not the perfect boss, but 8 of my 9 employees are women, and I would not have any interest in lording power over them or abusing them. My one male employee is the one who would complain; he jokes that my next hire needs to be a guy so he has someone to talk football with.

All of this shit just makes me sad. Sorry for ranting.