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I Apparently Pissed Off Someone Tonight...

There is a road near me that has a few miles of unpaved section, and no one lives on the unpaved gravel section. Tonight I was driving slightly spiritedly (No high speeds, I barely reached 40), and drifted a couple of long curves. The curves are clear, and long enough that I could be 100% certain that no one was coming or was near the road(why would they be, no one lives there). I was doing no more than 25 while doing this, so I was in 100% control and could quickly and safely stop if need be. Plus, it’s not like I was trying to chain drifts together, as it was like a mini drift from a throttle blip. Anyway, the paved section was coming up, so I behaved myself from then on. 4 houses down, dude comes flailing his arms and screaming at me down his driveway. There is no way he saw me, so I just assume he heard me through the woods. Whatever. There was no one to hurt except myself, and I’ve done it hundreds of times, so I don’t feel bad or as if I did something wrong.

The Slowrunner for your time(Yes, that’s dust in the background), and bonus Defender.


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